CMB Solutions Inc. provides patient contact services for the home medical industry. Services include optimized, truly interactive IVR technology, branded email campaigns, text messaging, patient coaching and engagement through a domestic call center.

All services can be applied to any custom campaign to meet the needs and volumes of each individual client. CMB Solutions manages each campaign with the client’s efficiency as an objective which allows the client to concentrate on core business, patient care.


Empower your patients through education. Increase patient retention with reassurance through consistent communication.


The patient centric, outcome‐based compliance structure of CMB Solutions lends for higher compliance rates.


Existing patients are the highest source of revenue. CMB Solutions has the tools to retain patient loyality.


Most of the companies we met with had a “pre-packaged” design. While their software programs appeared to be solid, there seemed to be little flexibility. That is what attracted me to CMB. They offered a product that could be designed to suit our specific needs beyond basic supply replenishment, such as reminder, compliance, and follow up calls.”

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